Thursday, 14 November 2013

First time

well well well as the title says
Yes that's FIRST TIME blogging or is it writing a blog.

And what a nightmare to sign up email then profile then picture damn so much so much so much are you guys trying to marry us or get us to use your service>>>> just saying<<<< you want to know everything from when you where born to what are you doing currently and the best of all how are you feeling I mean almost;  almost every sight that you that you log into has a little box>>>how are you feeling<<< or>>>what are you thinking<<<.
For #%*# sake.
Oh yes as I was saying earlier MY FIRST TIME blogging so after all the sign up procedures and linking this account to that circle to this followers to the other profile, I finally get to my FIRST BLOG SPOT OR SITE and low and behold they ask me for a blog name             
so her I go all merry and happy with what I want where the title will say lots about the blog, me thinking. #%*# sake everything was #%*# taken.

so then I was >>>gettingirritated<<< and that's what I typed in and there it unlocks like Aladdin's cave with all the hidden gems and treasures. >>>THIS IS A CRAZY BEAUTIFUL WEIRD WONDERFUL WORLD WE LIVE IN<<<

HAHAHAHAHAHAH this is hilarious I just hit speck check and WOW I used these words in my first post>>> BLOG BLOGGER BLOGGING<<< and they are all highlighted as incorrect spelling HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.